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BizMode Podcast

May 26, 2020

Welcome back BizMode Family. Alex Bruno here. This week I want to introduce you to Erin Beck. Erin is the founder and CEO of Wana Family Network. Wana is an online platform that assists families with sharing babysitting duties. Prior to launching her startup, Erin was the Mission Director for the Dragon Team at Space X. Social entrepreneurship is at the core of Wana’s mission. Erin was inspired to start Wana to provide everyone with access to affordable childcare. Listen how Erin describes how Wana pivoted its business model to assist the working families on the front lines. Erin also shares how her company’s approach to partnerships and acquisitions are hyper-focused on fit and alignment. If the partnership looks right on paper, what are the metrics? How are the numbers looking? By failing to spend time on whether a new business partnership fits the company mission and values, you can end up wasting precious resources on an opportunity that will eventually fizzle out. Well enough about my thoughts on my chat with Erin, hear for yourself and drop us a note on your takeaways.