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BizMode Podcast

Mar 3, 2020

Family, I want to introduce you to Steve Koszis. Steve is a co-founder of DoorJamm. DoorJamm is a product for first responders to control doors for safety. Think about it. If you’re someone in the fire department, you need to get into a space that you’re not familiar with, DoorJamm helps you keep that door open so it doesn’t lock behind you.

For many years, Steve worked in city government. While he was in city government he decided to not only pursue his MBA but also to become a reserve police officer, eventually becoming a full-time active duty police officer. It was during this career that he founded DoorJamm and we’re going to talk about DoorJamm today. But before we do a couple takeaways.

One, you know the most effective way to sell a product or service is to use it and believe in it. Steve describes how he has the belief in his product and it helps him promote it. Another one, get your product out to market. Then you iterate based on customer feedback and input. Don’t start developing and iterating while it’s still in the lab. Get it out to the, to the market. Let the market dictate what you’re going to do. Another takeaway, is that great products and great businesses are built out of necessity. It is sometimes solving a practical idea or practical necessity that’s really gonna help you and your business grow. You don’t have to be the next Steve jobs. You don’t have to have the next iPhone, but if you have something that solves a problem, that’s very valuable. Well enough about my takeaways. Have you have some takeaways? Contact us at Hope you enjoy.