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BizMode Podcast

Mar 10, 2020

Have you ever wanted to learn how to build something? Well, Matt Jones has been welding for the last 20 years, learning and sculpture classes that he took in college, as well as working as a professional artist for 10 years with having soul shows throughout the nation as well as group shows internationally along the way. He’s had day jobs doing custom fabrication, building furniture, building sets for museums and amusement parks. Think the Harry Potter world at Universal Studios in Orlando or Carsland over here in a Disneyland. About 10 years ago, he founded Molten Metal Metalworks LLC and has taught welding ever since. He knows he’s fulfilling his purpose when he sees his students smile and they get that ‘a-ha’ and as one student quoted, “they learn how to build things for real.”

Matt studied at Dartmouth College earning bachelor’s degrees in both psychology as well as studio art. He then got his masters in fine art from Stanford University and he also went to central New Mexico Community College and got some coursework in welding and electronics.

One gem I got in my talk with Matt is this. As an entrepreneur you’ll be making a lot of decisions on the direction of your business and company. If you will recall, we talked a couple of episodes back about how using an outside advisor such as a business coach can help you accelerate those decisions.

Another tool you can use, as Matt will describe in our talk, is to be hyper focused on your mission and values. When you’re presented with a business opportunity, and if that opportunity does not fit within your mission and values, it should not be pursued. It will only distract from what you’re trying to do and it will consume your energy and resources. We’ll take a listen and send us your feedback and takeaways at Now onto Matt Jones molten Metalworks. Hope you enjoy.